Motivating Neurological Rehabilitation

At Kinestica we believe rehabilitation can be done be better. Advancing rehabilitation beyond methods currently used in every day clinical practice is our drive. We believe gamified therapy combined with state-of-the-art sensing technology brings better therapy outcomes in less time and with fewer resources.

Patient motivation

Physical rehabilitation can be a long and daunting process requiring hundreds of hours of therapy. Intensive therapy with a lot of repetitions is the key to better patient outcomes. To achieve better patient outcomes, we need to keep the patient motivated throughout their entire rehabilitation.

Objective assessment

Why is Objective patient assessment important? To achieve better therapy outcomes, we need to know what is going on with our patients. To personalize and adapt therapy to the patient’s needs, we need to be able to objectively monitor and assess our patients.

How do we do that at Kinestica?

We create beautifully designed products that combine state of the art sensor technology with a gamified therapy. Games are designed to engage patients in a motivating therapy environment, while the sensors and algorithms keep track of what is going on with the patient.