i-Novo design award nomination

Bimeo PRO and its design recognized with the nomination for the i-Novo design award 2016. 


The Bimeo design is more that just good looks. It is multi-functional, easy to use and is enabling quick switching between different therapy attachments. Its focus is functionality, but it is elegant at the same time. The creative minds behind the design are from Gigodesign, a Slovenian design studio with over 300 implemented projects and multiple awards for their work. 


„The cooperation with Gigodesign exceeded our expectations. They delivered a very functional, easy and elegant design, which enables an unique user experience,“ says the Kinestica team.  


The winner of the i-Novo design award will be selected in a vote during Medica 2016. Do you like the easy yet elegant design of Bimeo? Support it with a vote at the i-Novo website between November 14th and Novemebr 17th. 


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