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The story of Kinestica begins within the Laboratory of robotics, University of Ljubljana, where the founders meet and work before establishing the company in 2012. Working on different project that often didn't leave the lab they decided to bring the amazing technology behind Bimeo to the market with the mission to improve quality of life for patients with neuromotoric disorders. Kinestica acquired all intellectual property rights for the invention of the Bimeo system in late 2012 and won several awards for the development of innovative products throughout 2012 and 2013.

To protect the intellectual property of the technology, Kinestica 2013 filed patent applications in European union, USA, Japan and China. At the end of the same year started the certification process according to 93/42 EEC medical device directive. End of 2014 and beginning of 2015 were important for the development of the company strategy. It is the result of the enrolment in the Microsoft Venture Accelerator in Tel Aviv, where the process was supported by the help of professionals in the field.

Later in 2015 certification process was completed and CE mark granted. By the middle of the year another milestone was reached- the launch of the first product - Bimeo. Attending several conferences and trade fairs were the next steps to raise brand awareness and extend the partnership network. At the same time the Chinese patent was granted, followed by the European patent in 2016. 

In 2016 Kinestica continued raising brand awareness and extending the distributorship network, while continuously improving the Bimeo system and developing new products. In 2017 the Bimeo receives the Red Dot Design Award for the functional, easy and elegant design.

Up to date, the company's technology is present in Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Czech republic, Slovakia, Romania, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, USA and Australia. 



University rehabilitation institute, Republic of Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia


Laboratoy of robotics , University of Ljubljana, Faculty of electrical engineering
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Prof. Dr. Matjaž Mihelj

Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi
Florence, Italy




chinesePatentWith a positive PCT search report Kinestica has filed international patent applications in USA, Europe, Japan and China. Chinese patent was granted 2015 and European patent 2016. 



Podjetje Kinestica je v letu 2019 pridobilo sofinanciranje upravičenih stroškov - Vavčer za zaščito patentov, modelov in znamk. Naložbo sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj. This investment has been cofinanced by Republic of Slovenia and the EU from The European Regional Development Fund 

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5th ITTC conference prize


Bimeo rehabilitation system was selected as the most innovative project at the 5th International technology transfer conference held at the Jozef Stefan Institute.


UL Rector prize


Kinestica’s team members have been awarded with the University of Ljubljana Rector prize for the best innovations in year 2012.



7th Slovenian innovation forum


Kinestica presented Bimeo rehabilitation system at the 7th Slovenian innovation forum. Among more than 150 participants Bimeo was placed second in the SME category.


Start up Slovenia competition


Kinestica has been evaluated as one of the top five startup companies, that have entered Start:up Slovenia 2013 competition.







The European Comission is writing about Kinestica in Small business success stories. More...



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Article about Homer, Bimeo, Kinestica and SME instument in STAkrog. More...



 Kinestica v finance    




About Kinestica and the received SME instrument grant in Finance. More...



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2 slovenian companies received SME Instrument Phase 1 funding. Kinestica is one of them. More...



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microsoft ventures    

300 start-up companies from 32 countries applied to participate in the Microsoft Venture Accelerator program in Tel Aviv.

Kinestica was selected as one of the top fice companies to join the medical track.



During July 3-5 Kinestica participated at the Long Weekend event in Zagrev organized by Launchub found.



najpodjetniska ideja  

Among over 50 applicant Kinestica has entered the final of the Top Business Idea Competition.




Two articles about our company were published last week. First article can be found at startaj.si (Slovene only) and the second one at finance.si.




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