About Us

Our story

The story of Kinestica begins within the Laboratory of robotics, University of Ljubljana, where the founders meet and work before establishing the company in 2012. Working on different project that often didn’t leave the lab they decided to bring the amazing technology behind Bimeo to the market with the mission to improve quality of life for patients with neuromotoric disorders. Kinestica acquired all intellectual property rights for the invention of the Bimeo system in late 2012 and won several awards for the development of innovative products throughout 2012 and 2013.

To protect the intellectual property of the technology, Kinestica 2013 filed patent applications in European union, USA, Japan and China. At the end of the same year started the certification process according to 93/42 EEC medical device directive. End of 2014 and beginning of 2015 were important for the development of the company strategy. It is the result of the enrolment in the Microsoft Venture Accelerator in Tel Aviv, where the process was supported by the help of professionals in the field.

Later in 2015 certification process was completed and CE mark granted. By the middle of the year another milestone was reached- the launch of the first product – Bimeo. Attending several conferences and trade fairs were the next steps to raise brand awareness and extend the partnership network. At the same time the Chinese patent was granted, followed by the European patent in 2016. 

In 2016 Kinestica continued raising brand awareness and extending the distributorship network, while continuously improving the Bimeo system and developing new products. In 2017 the Bimeo receives the Red Dot Design Award for the functional, easy and elegant design.

Up to date, the company’s technology is present in Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Czech republic, Slovakia, Romania, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, USA and Australia.